What Should You Look for When Buying Running Shoes for the Treadmill?

Runners make the transition from the road to the treadmill at some point for many different reasons. Even if you are lucky enough to live in an area where you are surrounded by endless quiet roads stretching out into the horizon, it is impossible to run them when they are covered in snow and ice. It is even more dangerous to run on the open road during a heatwave.

A busy traveller prefers to use a treadmill rather than negotiate confusing or polluted streets in a strange city. Any runner living in an urban landscape would rather use a treadmill at night instead of hitting the pavements with a can of mace in their hand.

Whether you choose to use the treadmill at your local gym or you have one installed in a small corner of your home, the convenience of being able to run whenever the mood takes you, no matter what the weather conditions or time of day, is a truly exhilarating experience. Having a pair of running shoes that make treadmill exercising easier is a priority for anyone who wants to get the most out of their workout.

The Differences Between Running on a Treadmill and a Road

To begin with stating the obvious: you can stop on a road, and you can’t stop when running on a treadmill. Another feature of running on treadmills is that the pace tends to be faster. This is because there is usually less necessity for awareness of one’s surroundings, so the pace is brisker.

It is important not to weigh the foot down with a heavy running shoe. Flat laces are also a better choice because they don’t undo as easily. There can’t be anything as irritating as stopping your treadmill to retie a shoelace.

With these factors in mind, a selection of firm and stable running shoes that grips well are best for any runner who wishes to make the transition from road to treadmill with no hassles. They are light enough to make stretching easy before and after your run as well.

Best Running Shoes for the Treadmill

1. Adidas Adios 3 Boost

The Adidas Adios 3 Boost provides excellent responsive cushioning for the soles of the feet as well as good support. It has a firm grip that transitions well from the open road to the gym. The Adios is highly recommended for fast runs and races.

It is these traits that make it ideal for use on a treadmill. It ticks the flat laces and lightweight boxes. It is made from breathable materials for maximum aeration.


2. Skechers Go Walk 4

It may seem strange to include a running shoe in this list that has a name emphasising its suitability for walking, but Skechers Go Walk 4 range ticks all the boxes that make it ideal for the treadmill.

They score high on the comfort and fit charts, and that is reason enough to make it a good buy for treadmill runners. The range has the flexibility to make pre-exercise stretching easy. They are also lightweight with an outsole that has a good grip.


3. New Balance 1400V5

The New Balance 1400V5 range has been developed specifically with racing in mind. Because racing trainers are lightweight and have a definite feel of making the runner want to go faster this range is ideal for the treadmill. The 1400V5 is not a pure flat so the designers have ensured that there is enough cushioning for even the most arduous treadmill session.


4. Nike Free RN Flyknit 2018

No running shoe list would be complete without a Nike on it. The comfort rating of this range is outstanding, and the fit and flexibility are also high. The outsole can look a little cumbersome compared to other sleeker brands, and the weight of the Nike Free RN Flyknit reflects this.


5. Adidas Boston 6 Boost

Adidas is always going to be a popular pick for a runner who values comfort and balance. These are really important features for anyone who runs long distances on the open road or the treadmill. Balance is necessary to minimise the possibility of a painful ankle roll. Comfort is why the Adidas Boston 6Boost is on this list.

This range has more cushioning than the Adios range, but even though it is a more cushioned version, it is still lightweight and fast enough for treadmills. The upper fit of the Adios is slightly looser and relaxed so if you have wider feet, then Adidas Boston 6 Boost is a better buy.


6. Nike Pegasus 34

Not every runner wants to pound away on the treadmill as fast as they can. If you use the treadmill as a way to exercise and warmup before heading to another piece of equipment, then the Nike Pegasus is the trainer for you. It will assist you nicely during a warmup run on the treadmill and is equally at home during other exercising routines.

This is because the cushioning provided by the Nike Pegasus 34 is perfect for runners who want to prioritise comfort over speed. It has 2 x Zoom Air bags inside the foam insole that do an excellent job of cushioning. Plus, the rubber outsole has a great grip that will securely lock the foot in place on the tread.


*Results may vary from person to person