GET PAID TO LOSE WEIGHT plus other Rewards/Savings

We'll pay you $10 per kilo for any weight you lose while renting our exercise equipment!

Hurry !

- We've already paid out $50,000
on this offer over the last 5 years !! That's a whopping 5 tonnes of fat that has come off our customers !!

and SAVE EVEN MORE $$ if...

You prepay for 12 weeks hire in one lump sum - usually around 10%


If you hire two or more machines at the same time - (ask us how much)

Rental Holidays

Everyone needs a break, so when you have completed 6 months or longer on one of our machines you may have a one month rent holiday (max one month per per annum)

P.S. Without giving too much away, there may also be one or two other things that come your way if you stick with it!

Bods in Motion are serious about rewards for people who are prepared to put in the work and lose weight.

*Results may vary from person to person