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One of the best things about exercising

One of the best things about exercising is the endorphin release after an exercise session – like a natural high – if you are exercising correctly (intensity, distance, etc) you will know what the endorphin high is like – if a smoker (or a recently retired smoker) can focus on achieving that high it will make giving up smoking so much more rewarding.... > Read more

Added: 9 Aug 2011

Hands up who plays sport

Do you play or have kids that play sport? If you have kids and they play competitive sport they may have been pestering you to supply them with chocolate milk after the game – they are not trying it on – you might have thought great! It’s better than them begging for Maccas.... > Read more

Added: 3 Jun 2011

Losing weight is an age old problem

You try every diet known to man and woman and nothing works – I hate those magazines where the front pages screams “10 Top Weight loss Tips” you quickly flick to the article only to find it is the dame old boring non-specific diet tips that are yes obvious and logical but leave... > Read more

Added: 8 May 2011

BIM is very convenient for Mums with children

Our business has filled a niche in the market – we hire fitness equipment to mums with young children – it is a drama to load up the car, put them in a crèche and then go your gym workout – similarly it’s not always easy to take small children with you on your daily walk... > Read more

Added: 15 Apr 2011

The Rebel Alliance

We hire fitness equipment to a range of clients - from Mangwhai Heads down to Pokeno and everywhere in between, most people assume we just hire to the domestic market but we also have a good commercial client base. As mentioned in a previous blog we hire a lot of treadmills to Podiatrists. For... > Read more

Added: 25 Mar 2011

Quitting smoking with exercise

This week I had a call from a lady who had given up smoking 6 days ago. Like most smokers this was not her first attempt but this time she was determined to put in place a couple of new habits to help her. Wisely she decided to hire a treadmill and begin an exercise programme. Like many other... > Read more

Added: 18 Mar 2011

Why podiatrists are renting our gear

We don’t just rent treadmills to the domestic market - a big chunk of our commercial market is renting treadmills to Podiatrists. What’s a Podiatrist ? in a nutshell – they are foot doctors. Our Podiatry clients include Foot Mechanics, Platinum Podiatry, Auckland Sport... > Read more

Added: 9 Mar 2011

Thoughts on Christchurch

I was due to post a blog last week - but who managed to do anything they were supposed to last week, I never considered I would see such a disaster in my lifetime. In my other life as a sports coach I get to travel to Christchurch 3 or 4 times a year - last year I was there the week before the... > Read more

Added: 3 Mar 2011

Why we recommend using a registered dietician

We all know exercise can help lose weight as well as watching what you eat. The two combined can make your weight loss even more successful. Our trainers can provide you with programmes and exercise guidelines that will ensure you are doing the correct exercise to help you get fit and burn... > Read more

Added: 15 Feb 2011

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