Why we recommend using a registered dietician

Feb 15, 2011

We all know exercise can help lose weight as well as watching what you eat. The two combined can make your weight loss even more successful.

Our trainers can provide you with programmes and exercise guidelines that will ensure you are doing the correct exercise to help you get fit and burn plenty of calories. It's been proven that most people (especially overweight people) underestimate the amount they eat by up to 40%. If any one saw the TV programme on Prime on Sunday night you would have seen the woman meticulously write a food diary recording everything she ate for the week but they also filmed what she ate for the week and she under-underestimated what she ate by a third!

In her eyes she exercised and ate a moderate amount - the camera proved otherwise. A few of our clients have had some sensational results with their weight loss, their success down to using a registered Dietician or nutritionist to help them - we get lots of referrals from dieticians, one of our clients started off last July at 212kg, by October he weighed 178kg and by Dec had dropped to 159kg. Another client recently started at 136kg in October and was weighed earlier this week at 106kg - I have no doubt they would not have achieved those results with just exercise or just their own diet and having an eating plan devised specifically for them and their lifestyle by a registered dietician was a huge factor in their weight loss. Some people may think that it is too expensive to go see a Dietician but I think they are excellent value for money.

We get plenty of referrals from Nikki Talacek, Dietician and member NZRD, she is based on the Shore. I think it's important to use someone that is a member of the NZRD - that way you can be sure of their training and credentials.

*Results may vary from person to person