Why podiatrists are renting our gear

Mar 9, 2011

We don’t just rent treadmills to the domestic market - a big chunk of our commercial market is renting treadmills to Podiatrists. What’s a Podiatrist ? in a nutshell – they are foot doctors.

Our Podiatry clients include Foot Mechanics, Platinum Podiatry, Auckland Sport Podiatry and Ryan Health. Podiatrists can treat shin pain, heel pain, knee pain, lower back pain, corns, calluses and bunions, arthritis and flat feet.

Where do our treadmills come in to use?

Amongst other tests and treatments, your Podiatrist will do a bio-mechanical analysis of your gate and they will often have you walk or run on the treadmill and use video analysis to analyse where the problem lies. Often when people start an exercise programme they will be fine for the first month or so and then after a period of time might experience knee, ankle, shin or foot pain. Many of us will simply stop exercising, go buy expensive new sport shoes, take painkillers, ignore the problem or put up with the pain until it becomes unbearable.

Years back I spent a lot of time getting fit on a treadmill, I was going great, getting faster, running further, I was all set to run a half marathon and then I go the most painful shin splints - shin splints are caused numerous ways and is basically inflammation of the tendon sheath that covers the calf muscle - very, very painful. I tried a different treadmill, I altered my training, cutting right back and then building up again, taking painkillers - finally I went to a podiatrist and after consultation , treatment was as simple as having an orthotic specially made for one of my running shoes - guess what ? I never experienced that pain again.

Our feet are the most vital part of the body but it is often a case of we can’t see down that far and we treat our feet badly - don’t ignore feet problems - if you do experience pain in your feet or legs when exercising your first port of call should be your GP or a podiatrist.

*Results may vary from person to person