BIM is very convenient for Mums with children

Apr 15, 2011

Our business has filled a niche in the market – we hire fitness equipment to mums with young children – it is a drama to load up the car, put them in a crèche and then go your gym workout – similarly it’s not always easy to take small children with you on your daily walk – weather it a real problem and hey the kids might not share your enthusiasm.

Then there is the group of clients that really don’t like gyms, they say they smell, too many people, you have to wait for equipment – all true - I worked in a gym for 5 years. We also have shift workers and also a lot of women who would like to go for a walk around the block but perceive walking alone in the dark to be unsafe. We have a large group of clients that live on the outskirts of Auckland – semi or fully rural. Us inner-city types think living in the country would be the perfect place to go for a walk – wrong – try no street lighting, no footpaths and everyone (including large trucks) driving past you at 100kph – probably the most dangerous place in Auckland to walk. So we have the perfect business really – so why doesn’t Bods in Motion work for some people – hard to believe we do have failures.

For some, the option of having equipment at home is TOO convenient – “I’ll get on the treadmill after I’ve done the washing, after I’ve done the dishes, etc” I got a treadmill for home and did this very thing – 2 weeks later I still hadn’t got on the thing. So I made a pact with myself that I would get up 30 minutes earlier each morning for a week and hey presto! by the end of week one I had a habit – from then on I had no problem sticking to my exercise regime.

The key to being successful is to have a plan – before we deliver your treadmill, cross-trainer, bike or rower – have a plan. Work out what time of day and what days you will use the equipment and just focus on getting to the end of Week 1 – don’t even contemplate Week 2 or Month 6 – think Week 1 and focus. Trust me by the end of Week 1 you’ll think “that wasn’t so hard” and then you’ll be ready to start Week 2.

*Results may vary from person to person