Thoughts on Christchurch

Mar 3, 2011

I was due to post a blog last week - but who managed to do anything they were supposed to last week, I never considered I would see such a disaster in my lifetime.

In my other life as a sports coach I get to travel to Christchurch 3 or 4 times a year - last year I was there the week before the September quake and then again a month after the quake - I was surprised on my later visit in October how there were so few signs of the 4th September quake and I remember being amazed that the city had bounced back toward normality so quickly. I’m due to head there again in May only this time we won’t be going - all sports facilities are closed until further notice.

There is a lovely lady in Christchurch - Jenny who makes some of our team uniforms, we last heard from her the Monday evening before the quake – she phoned to say she had just put our order on the courier. Our uniforms never turned up - we don’t know what happened to them - but more importantly we can’t contact Jenny, we don’t know if she is alive and safe or much worse. We have other friends down there that could go check on her, but their houses have been destroyed and they have nowhere to live and can’t drive the roads. The outpouring of support to the quake victims is utterly amazing. I have a player in one of my teams, she is originally from Christchurch, she didn’t turn up to training on Tuesday night - her family home has been destroyed - we decided to act local , all her teammates chipped in and we bought her a plane ticket home to see her parents.

I plan to go to every charity/fundraising concert/game /event that happens in Auckland - to keep on giving in some small way. It’s like everyone has had an epiphany - everyone has re-assessed their priorities, there is no point sweating the small stuff anymore - live life to the full because you don’t know what is around the corner.

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